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3 Secrets For Effective Employee Coaching & Counseling

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Here’s a list of untold yet truly effective secrets to excel at coaching and counseling in performance management to improve overall business performance.

The top strengths of a leader include understanding that effective workplace counseling and coaching build strong working relationships. In fact, this is a scientifically proven way of improving overall business performance and a company’s turnover rate.

Quality mentoring increases productivity and satisfaction, along with enhancing the healthy flow of two-way communication between new employees and seniors, leading to the transfer of valuable knowledge and expertise.

Research conducted on over 1200 employees revealed that workers who received mentorship in some way were eight times more likely to be promoted. Not only this, but their mentees were also six times more likely to receive promotion than those with none.

Positive outcomes from counseling and coaching outweigh any time or financial investments if done efficiently. Here are a few top secrets for when and how to coach and counsel employees effectively.

Secret # 1: Impactful Counseling, Training, And Coaching Can Include Informal Opportunities

Effective leadership skills and qualities involve knowing when to seize the moment; sometimes, the most impactful training and counseling can be done informally. Passing observations can turn into fuller conversations that can stretch into meaningful conversations.

If you’re the type of counselor who believes in relying on strict, set times to meet with particular workers, then you’re missing the opportunity for healthy two-way conversations that improve leadership effectiveness.

Secret # 2: Understand That Mistakes And Failures Are Perfect Opportunities For Counseling, Training, And Coaching

The top strengths of a leader understand that no one is immune to failure.

In fact, some of the most successful people are those who have made plenty of mistakes and lived through failures by turning them into valuable lessons and opportunities for growth.

This is precisely what a mentor or coach does; pushing workers to surpass their limitations and shine! Good leadership skills include knowing the employee is an investment, a larger dividend that reaps enormous benefits in the future, including productive and loyal employees.

Secret # 3: Shower Them With Plenty Of Rewards And Praise

Coaching session in an office

Personality traits of great leaders include knowing that employees need to be motivated, especially in situations where they’re being pushed past their known limitations so that they can step out of their comfort zones and exhibit their utter brilliance by taking smart risks.

Apart from verbal praise, tangible rewards such as employee appreciation letters must be handed out to infuse a culture of praise and encourage other employees to shine.

Involve the workers in employee performance improvement plan and share a performance improvement plan template to track their growth.

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