Become the Leader You Need to Be to
Running a successful business doesn’t require extraordinary business savvy—it takes good leadership skills.
Coaching & Counseling

5 Skills Worth Investing in for Managers

A manager addresses his team during a meeting.

There are some skills that managers need to invest in for their growth. Learn more about these must-have abilities to be a good leader.

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Performance Improvement

Breaking Down the Performance Improvement Plan into Bite Size Pieces

Understanding that employee turnover is extremely expensive it is typically better to create and utilize a performance improvement plan that will improve performance and productivity rather than terminating someone and starting over.

A major mistake many supervisors make is that they want to complicate a process rather than find solutions.

In the case of a performance improvement plan, we should break it down to some very simple factors; define the problem, define a solution, define a must improve by date, measure the progress, determine if the problem is solved or requires additional attention.

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Coaching & Counseling

4 Tips on Talking to Your Employees Regarding Concerns

A business meeting to discuss employee issues and concerns.

It can be difficult to address issues and concerns with your employees, but there are ways of going about it respectfully and in a mutually beneficial manner.

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